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Roof Repairs

When it comes to your roof, you want to make sure that you choose a material that will be durable and long lasting. When repairs are needed, quality material can help lead to a successful repair.

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Whether you have a brand new, premium quality roof or an old, leaky roof nearing the end of its life, most roofing systems can easily be repaired.


The quality of material, the skill of the repairman, and the extent of the damage are some of the items to consider, when looking to repair your roof.

Here are some facts about roof repairs:

Roof repairs are sometimes necessary when certain components fail due to age or when damaged by storms.


Roofing systems are all repairable, but the effectiveness of the repairs can depend on the condition of the surrounding material and the skill of the repairman.

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Asphalt shingles are a great, low cost option for homeowners and are the most common roofing system. Asphalt shingles are also most susceptible to storm damage and naturally degrade faster than other materials. There are several factors that determine how likely a repair will be successful:


1) The extent of the damage

If a significant portion of the roof is damaged, spot repair may not always be the best option


2) The condition of the roofing system

Sometimes, attempting to repair the roof can result in damage to the surrounding roofing material. If the condition of the roof has degraded past a certain point, manipulating surrounding material can cause tearing and other damage. At that point, full replacement may be the only way to ensure a successful repair.


3) The nature of the damage

If the reason for the repair is due to a defective roofing system or design, attempting to repair the area may prove difficult. Occasionally, roofing systems are installed incorrectly and extensive repairs could be necessary.


Metal roofs are considered more repairable than shingled roofs. All shingles become brittle and difficult to repair with age. Metal roofs only have this issue if they begin to rust. Quality metal roofing material has a coating that prevents degradation and rust. Some facts about metal roofing repairs:


1) Less material needs to be manipulated to complete a repair

This increases the likelihood of a successful repair


2) Metal roofing repairs can be unsuccessful if the wood has become compromised

This can be avoided by properly addressing any damaged sheathing underneath the panels.


3) Large amounts of rust can cause the roof to become too thin to properly repair

If a metal roof's protective coating has failed and rust has spread, there is a chance that the metal is too thin to manipulate without damaging it.


We talk more about metal roofing in our Metal Roofing Benefits post

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